Why hire a Product Photographer?

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Why hire a Product Photographer when you have your own camera phone or DSLR?

Camera Phone vs Entry level DSLR vs Pro level DSLR

As great as modern camera phones are, they are sadly no replacement for a 'proper' camera. The image quality from an entry level #DSLR far surpasses the most advanced camera phone.

An entry level DSLR has an image sensor 24x times larger than a top-end camera phone, while a professional grade full frame DSLR has an image sensor 57x times larger. Allowing them to pack much more technology in, which in turn captures much more detail, and a more captivating image.

The importance of strong product photographs

In the world of online #marketing and sales, creating a great first impression and a strong, uniform brand image is very important, helping the potential customer decide whether to continue browsing, or to look elsewhere.

Great images keep potential customers engaged, boost the perceived value of your products, and increase trust in the supplier and product, which leads to conversions and sales.

Products should be showcased in a relatable, yet professional and attractive way to entice potential buyers and keep them engaged, the images must also be a true, and honest representation of the product. It's important that the customer receives exactly what they were expecting, because no business wants a bad review!

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and the average person remembers 80% of the images we see, but only remembers 20% of what we read, and 94% of consumers consider images essential in purchase decisions, which really highlights the importance of a strong set of product images.

Types of product photography

Using a collection of multiple images for a product appeals to potential customers, building trust in the product and store. It's a good idea to use mostly product only images, with a few lifestyle shots mixed in. Customers love to scroll through a range of angles that highlight the products key elements.

Using multiple styles of photograph is also key to building the brand image and boosting emotional engagement with your customer. The two main types of product image are "Clean cut", and "Lifestyle / context" images. Clean cut images (like the R+Co hair products above) are generally taken with a white background, showing the product at several angles, shots are clear and concise with a uniform lighting.

Contextual or #Lifestyle images (like above) show the product being used in its intended environment or alongside complementing props or products.

Post production and web optimisation

#Postproduction to create a professional, polished look is vital (and time consuming!). It will keep customers engaged, the images need to flow, and fit the theme of the page/store.

The images must also be optimised for web, keeping image quality high, but file size low. Meaning your page will load faster, keeping customers focused, so they don't try another store. This is also important for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Web page load speeds are a considerable ranking factor with Google, meaning the faster your page loads, the higher up the google ranking you'll be. Making your site easier to find, quicker to navigate, and more user friendly. If you're chasing the first page of google image optimisation is paramount.

Pros of using our Product Photography services

  • Top grade professional equipment

  • 10+ years experience behind the camera and post production

  • Knowledge of social media audiences

  • Cost effective

  • Quick image turnaround

  • In house and studio services

  • Creating stand-out, effective images can be a time consuming process, using our service allows you to focus on your business

  • We understand the importance of strengthening brand identity

We offer a complete solution for all your product photography needs, with a huge collection of props, scenes and knowledge to showcase your product in it's best light.

If you're interested in our services, please get in touch!

You can also find some more of our web and social media services here!

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