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4 ways to save ££ on your wedding

Congratulations, You're getting married!  

It's such an exciting time & every one deserves the wedding they have always dreamt of!

With everything that goes into planning your big day, it is easy to blow your budget 🤯.

Planning your wedding shouldn't be a daunting project, to help you out, I have come up with 4 ways to save some money on your wedding.

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Work out what's important to you both

Boil the kettle, make a brew, grab some biscuits & a notepad & pen.

Make a list of everything you can think of, that you would both like at your wedding. Next to each item place a grade, 1, 2 or 3. This will be a grade of importance. Number 1 is a must have / crucial elements, 2's are the items you would like but not a necessity & 3's are items that aren't of great importance. Once you have gathered quotes for the various items you can go back & view the grades to assist you in making the tough decisions of what to have at the wedding & what to cut.

Contact various suppliers

Obtain quotes from at least 3 suppliers per item.

This is a general rule I like to tell my clients. To get a good grasp on the going rate & inclusions always send the same brief to at least 3 suppliers & carefully read through their quotes. Don't get fixated on the price & go for the cheapest, look through examples of their work, inclusions in the package & value for money. When you are on a tight budget it can be hard to look past the cheapest quotes but you must remember, cheapest is not always best.

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Venue discounts

Depending on your venue choices, majority offer discounts for weekday weddings and savings in the off-season. Weekday weddings are a great idea, you score a nice discount on your wedding venue & potentially other suppliers & your family & friends get to have some extra time off work. If you don't mind getting married during winter, you will also find some savings booking during the off-season. It is an easy way to save some ££ especially if your venue is indoors!

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Join Facebook Groups

No matter where you are located in the world or what item you are looking for there will be a Facebook Group that has the answer you need. There are various Facebook groups within the UK that will inform you of supplier discounts, second hand wedding items & other brides & grooms sharing the tips they learnt on their wedding day. A popular one for this year is '2019 Brides!' It's an easy way to save some £ & it allows you to re-sell any items you have from your wedding.

There you have it! 4 Simple yet effective things you can do when planning your wedding to save some extra ££.

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