What does a wedding planner do? Should you hire one 😕

We have had a lot of interest over the past couple months with the new year & valentines day proposals & a lot of you seem to be wondering if a wedding planner would help or take away from your once in a lifetime experience.

For this reason I have decided to provide a bit more insight to what a wedding planner does so you can make your own judgement if you need one or not!

When you're getting married, there are so many details you need to think of and have organised, it can easily consume you! This is the main reason Wedding Planners exist is to take care of all those details and ensure you don't forget anything.

There are various kinds of wedding planners to choose from;

Full Service

These planners tend to your every need and provide a fully detailed service from beginning to end. They are life savers for the right people! Generally speaking you have a couple in depth meetings with the planner and they take your vision and bring it to life ensuring your vision is met and there are no hiccups on the day.

Part Service

Part time service planners take care of the details you don't want to! If you like to be hands on but also stress easily I would suggest a part time planner. They know the entire vision and will ensure its all pulled together but don't step on your toes when you want to hire a supplier you love!

Event Designers

If you are lost as to where to even start with your day or what style you would like then an event designer will be a dream come true! They will create mood boards with various themes to help you decide what vibe you would like and how to achieve it! They also tend to have plenty of connections and can point you in the right suppliers direction.

Day Coordinator

When booking at a big venue, you tend to be provided a Day Coordinator which helps to ensure the smooth running of the day and tackle any issues without you even knowing. Keep in mind that they are just yours for the day snd therefore don't assist you in remembering to book everything in for the day.

Now most wedding planners have there own list of suppliers for all things wedding but this doesn't mean you don't have the option to put who you would like in the ring.

Always remember that it is your special day and if its a florist or photographer that you have your heart set on then book them! It isn't a requirement to go with who they offer as a supplier and if it is then there are plenty of other planners who don't have that clause.

There are many positives in hiring a professional wedding planner not just to relieve your stress but they come with mass amounts of experience in all complications and mishaps that could happen on your big day. They've put out plenty of fires and know how to handle most situations that can arise on your big day. Once you find the right one they can be a life saver!

In conclusion, If you suffer high anxiety or get stressed out easily, look into some wedding planners and see if you like their style! Theres no harm in having a look and seeing if someone else can tackle the details you don't have time for!

If you are a hands on person and have been planning your wedding since the day you were born then there's no need. You can handle this!

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