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Wedding Photography Shotlist

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Occasionally I am asked what do I mean when I ask 'What would you like captured on your wedding day?'.

Every couple is different & therefore wants to get something different out of their wedding day. You may love photos & want absolutely every detail captured, whilst some may dislike getting their picture taken. No matter how photo inclined you are, you wont regret having photographs of your wedding. However, if you or your partner are the type of person who is allergic to photographs I have compiled a rough list of what I capture during your wedding day. It's your day & I want it to be just the way you want, so if there are elements listed below you don't want photographed just let me know ahead of the big day!

On your wedding day:

• Bridal Preparations

• Groom Preparations

• Wedding transport

• Wedding party before the ceremony

• Guests arriving at the ceremony

• Brides arrival

• Walking down the Aisle

• The Ceremony

• Mingling after the ceremony

• Bride & Groom portraits

• Wedding party portraits

• Family photos

• Group photos

• Arriving at the reception

• Decor

• Guests mingling

• Speeches

• Cake cutting

• Dancing

If you have any special elements or surprises for your wedding day, let me know.

I am always up for a challenge.

For a little bit of inspiration, here is a great bouquet toss at the wonderful Wrenbury Hall.

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