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Choosing your wedding photographer

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

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Finding a wedding photographer is no easy task, especially now a days with the development of great technology and the rise of Instagram. It's vital to hire a professional

to capture your most previous moments & not fall for the cheap option of using someone you know who dabbles in photography. Below you will find some of my tips for what to look out for when choosing your perfect Cheshire wedding photographer:

• Make sure you have seen your photographers portfolio!

I know this seems very simple however there are plenty of photographers who use stock images for social media posts or blogs which can fool you into thinking that is a picture they have taken and edited. You need to be careful with this and always look at their portfolio and ask for previous wedding galleries. Taking one good photo per wedding is easy but taking consistently great photos & having the knowledge and skill to edit images in a certain way, requires skill.

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• Look out for common traps

When I say full day wedding photography coverage, I mean full day. I will shoot from the beginning till the end! Don't be fooled by some photographers who advertise full day but they actual mean 5 hours. Always confirm with your photographer what their meaning of a full day is prior to booking.

• Don’t believe everything people say

“I’m the best wedding photographer in Cheshire”, “I’m voted Nantwich's #1 photographer”, “I have hundreds of awards!” ...... In the UK there is no single official governing board for professional photographers. There are multiple organisations and groups in which you can pay to become a part of or request to join. You will notice the difference between a photographer who is great at their job and recognised for their talent with multiple awards rather than one who states "Best Wedding Photographer in Cheshire" with nothing to back up that claim.

• Research carefully

You only get one opportunity for your wedding photos. At the end of the day the flowers will wilt, the food will be eaten, the music will fade and the photos are all you have to remember that beautiful day. Photos are the only things that will make your wedding day last forever so don’t go for the cheapest option. If you do find a great deal ensure that you research carefully, read reviews and clarify what is included in your package.

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• Make sure you like your photographer

This is a small but important aspect of choosing your wedding photographer. If you are anything like me I don't like having my picture taken, which is why i'm always behind the camera. Having a great rapport with your photographer will make you feel at ease and that will show in the photos. Your photographer will be with you on one of the most important days of your life, capturing intimate moments, it is important that you both get on.

• Book early

After booking the venue, photographers are usually the next task on the list so if you find a photographer you love, make sure you book them!

If you would like to learn more about what I have to offer for your wedding click here


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