"Do I need one or two wedding photographers”

This is such a popular question so we thought we would address it here. There are always multiple things happening at the same time on your wedding day. You are exchanging your vows, whilst your mum is crying. With two photographers, we have a better opportunity to capture more elements of you day rather than having to choose which image to capture. Some weddings require a second photographer, however others it is just a matter of personal preference. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your partner in order to decide if you want one or two photographers at your Cheshire wedding.

Would you like Bride and Groom preparation shots?

If you love images of people getting ready on their wedding day, I would suggest a second photographer, even if it's just for the preparation and ceremony. If you are both getting ready at the same venue I usually go from the Groom to Bride and capture each of you, however when you are getting ready at different venues, I can't be in two places at once! This is where having two photographers is a delight. One will be at each location, capturing each party getting ready and have time for those detail shots of the dress and suit. The alternative is that one of you gets ready earlier than the other so I may document both of you. However sometimes this doesn't work out and leaves the Groom getting ready at 9am!

Do you have more than 100 guests?

Whenever we hear our couples say “I have over a 100 guests” we will advise they book a second photographer. I would say weddings with over 80 guests can benefit from a second photographer but weddings with over 100 should book. As there are over 100 guest attending, you are better off with two photographers. Especially if you are looking to have images of everyone and capture the in the moment reactions.

Would you like lots of candid images of your guests?

By having two photographers, one can focus on capturing the important shots and the other is able to watch everything else. Some of the best images I have captured have been candid, when the person in shot has no idea I'm taking a picture. When its only one photographer shooting the wedding, they don't have the luxury of time on their side. With two photographers, one can be documenting the day as normal whilst the other is thinking outside the box waiting for that perfect shot. In some cases when you only have one photographer they can't be standing around waiting for the perfect shot as they may miss other elements of your wedding. With two or more photographers we capture two different perspectives on the same moment. While one photographer is capturing the Bride walk down the aisle the other photographer is capturing the Grooms reaction.

For us, a team of two photographers is ideal! It allows me to be with the Bride and my second photographer to be with the Groom for preparations. We capture every element of your day from various angles and the reactions of your loved ones. Although not essential in some cases, it always adds more to your wedding day! It also increases the amount of images you receive.

I have a wonderful team of Cheshire second shooters, who are available to shoot your wedding. The two main photographers I use are:

Hedgerow Photography

Rob Hunter Photography

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