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The rise of Micro-weddings

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We have seen an increase in micro weddings this year due to the impact of COVID-19. There are many couples who have been waiting a year to get married & now changing their plans to get married as soon as possible. With the new easing of restrictions you can have 15 guests at your wedding, this may increase to 30 people on May 17th. The good news is a micro-wedding doesn't have to be viewed as a COVID compromise!

There are numerous benefits to having a smaller, intimate ceremony. Firstly, stop thinking you have to compromise! Find a florist who offers the bouquet you dreamt of, a photographer with a style you admire, go niche on the food. With a micro wedding you don’t have to offer as many catering options, this means you can choose a local supplier that makes your favourite meal!

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As the demand for micro weddings is at an all time high, majority of wedding suppliers now offer smaller packages to suit your needs. Ensure you shop around & contact at least 3 different suppliers so you can weigh up the pros & cons of each. When looking at venues, a smaller venue will cater to a micro wedding easier than a large venue, however, if you have your heart set on a particular place see what options they have. Generally the larger venues can cater for micro weddings but it will cost you more, an easy way around this is to book a weekday wedding. Always remember to ask what spaces you have access to & how long for prior to booking.

The guest list will be the hardest part of the day! With the government enforcing a limited number of guests, you need to take the time to figure out who to invite. For some this may be a massive relief! Choosing only 15 of your nearest & dearest could be a challenge, the main thing to remember is to invite the people you love & who will bring happiness to your big day!

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A micro wedding doesn’t mean a handful people in a little back room having dinner, you can have all the aspects of a larger wedding & find a breath taking venue for your special day. A smaller wedding means less stress, less planning & smaller cost, ensuring it is just about the two of you, the things & people you love.

If you are thinking about embracing the moment and planning a micro wedding, we offer personalised photography packages for all occasions. Send us a little information of your day & we will tailor a package perfect for you!


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