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Sustainable Zero-Waste Ethical Weddings

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Excited about your wedding day but worried about the impact on the environment?

Globally we are becoming more aware of the negative impact we are inflicting on the environment and the wedding industry is no exception. Sky Ocean Rescue reported nearly 20kg of single use plastic at every wedding each year. It's not only plastic we need to reduce, a study carried out by Sainsbury's states that 10% of wedding food gets thrown away. The amount of plastic used, food wastage and CO2 contributions caused from weddings each year is concerning!

The biggest sustainability offenders

Water bottles, gift bags, balloons, exotic flowers & decorations.

Now we aren't suggesting you can't have decorations at your wedding but you can search for eco friendly alternatives such as:

Recycled paper for all your Wedding stationary

Biodegradable confetti


Ribbon wands

Organic flowers or you could grow your own!

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Other ideas for lowering your overall carbon footprint

Using local organic produce & donating the extra or leftover food

Create a post wedding recycling plan with your venue

Charitable donation for favours

DIY where you can using recyclable items

Book local suppliers

Renting your wedding attire or shop vintage!

Having an outdoor wedding or your ceremony and wedding reception at the same venue to avoid excess travel

Staying at green hotels with a recycling policy who are energy efficient and use biodegradable products

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Don't let the excitement of your wedding come at the expense of the environment. There are many eco-friendly alternatives out there. It's important that we all do our bit to help!


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