Styles of Wedding Photography

What kind of wedding photographer do I want?

There’s an engagement ring on your finger, the wedding date has been set, the venue is booked, now it’s time to find your wedding photographer! But what kind of photographer do you want? There’s as many styles of photography out there as there are styles of bouquet, but choosing the right photographer for you will make all the difference on the day, and every time you look at the photo’s for years to come!

Styles of photography

You can break it down into a few categories, there’s no set definition to each style, a skilled photographer will often use a number of different styles or approaches on the day depending on the clients desired outcome, the vibe of the room/moment, their surroundings & of course the light available. You’ll often hear terms like traditional wedding photography, natural wedding photography, candid wedding photography, documentary wedding photography, unposed wedding photography, fly on the wall wedding photography, discreet wedding photography, fine art wedding photography and fashion wedding photography.

Traditional wedding photography doesn’t mean boring!

In the eyes of most, an essential part of the days coverage, wedding party, group shots of family and friend groups, fine details and much more are staged to make them look their best. Staging photographs can sound like a rather formal / boring or even daunting prospect, but done correctly can be pretty effortless (for the Wedding party & guests anyway! haha) and be good fun! The photo subjects looking directly at the camera are defining traits of traditional wedding photography, it doesn’t have to mean boring!

Natural wedding photography

Natural wedding photography is despite it’s name, not as natural as it may sound! These natural shots are usually staged shots that are made to look more natural by getting the subject to look in a slightly different direction, ignoring the camera, or allowing them to pose themselves with just a little instruction. You’ve probably seen a bunch of iconic images like grooms donning their jacket, best men having a slug of whiskey before the dreaded speech, the moment a bridesmaid hands over a sentimental gift, confetti walks… you get the idea. These shots are often initiated by the photographer, ensuring the moment is captured, in a way that looks natural.

Candid wedding photography

Candid wedding photography or Documentary wedding photography are terms used by more and more photographers daily, great for capturing those raw emotions at more animated parts of the day, without you being told what to do! After the ceremony the couple will often do the rounds, where there’s hugs and kisses, laughter, tears and everything in between. This is where candid photographers come alive, like a fly on the wall, ducking, dodging and weaving through the crowds and confetti capturing as much candid action as possible.

Personality types

Photographers are human beings (most of us anyway), and we come in all-sorts of shapes, sizes and sounds! Some photographers like to give specific direction, and like to follow strict plans and shot-lists that are organised months in advance, others prefer to shoot in shorts and t shirt, making it up as the day goes on. It doesn’t necessarily mean the organised photographer will produce any better results! The best results will usually come from a photographer you gel with. After all they’re likely the person you spend the second largest amount of time with on the day!

Personally I think the most important aspect of choosing your wedding photographer is to select someone you will be comfortable with. A great word of advice to anyone looking at hiring a photographer is to meet up with them first. You could go to your wedding venue for a coffee, you could meet up at a bar and have a drink. Maybe you’re having a destination wedding and looking to hire a local photographer, then Skype or Facetime can come to your rescue!

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