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Thinking of implementing a social media policy at your wedding? 🤨

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Social media at your wedding can be a tricky situation to handle. As we all know, social media platforms have become a staple in our lives. It is a rare sight to see someone without their phone in their hand or by their side.

When your special day rolls around, how would you feel about your guests snapping & sharing?

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It has become common practice for weddings to be ‘unplugged’ or to implement a ‘social media policy. The aim is to encourage everyone to live in the moment & enjoy the wedding. In addition to this, you may want to be the first to post about your special day & select the photos you would like shown to the world.

If this is something you want, be sure to discuss a social media strategy with your partner during the planning process. It's a good idea to include the policy with your invites so that guests know ahead of the day. You can also create a sign or ask the officiants to make an announcement prior to the ceremony.

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If you decide to implement a social media policy be sure to let all of your suppliers know. It's common for suppliers to have to in their T&C's that they may share elements of their work from your wedding. If you would rather they didn't use any elements or images be sure to communicate when you are booking.

On the other hand if you are happy for everyone to post away, you may want to create a hashtag, personalised for your wedding so you can look back on all the images your guests have posted. During the hashtag process, look it up & make sure it hasn’t been used already as this will alleviate some confusion later down the line.

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If creating a hashtag seems to daunting or not really your thing, you could create a page on facebook where all your guests can share their images of the day. This also allows an extra privacy factor as it can be a private group.

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Finally, keep in mind that some guests may forget or ignore your social media policy. Try not to get to caught up in their mistakes & don’t let it impact you on your wedding day. If you are concerned, mention it to your bridal party & photographer so they may step in, if anyone ‘forgets’.


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