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Small Business and Product Photography

We have had the pleasure of photographing some great quality local products to help businesses survive & thrive in the current situation. As non-essential shops, wedding venues, hairdressers & many more have been closed for months many have found new ways of running their business & adapting where they can.

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Katie the owner of Hairhaus has created an online shop to start selling hair products to her clients as the salon is shut.

Rather than perfectly edited white backgrounds we wanted more of an 'organic' feel, with with real images, imperfections and all! We kept lighting simple and photoshop to a minimum.

If you are running low on hair supplies or looking for help with a much needed home touch up, head over to her store HAIRHAUS

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EcoAlyn is also a Nantwich based brand which we have had the pleasure of photographing their sustainable products from the very beginning! Matt & Sarah share a passion for preventing climate change & assisting the everyday person in living a zero waste lifestyle.

As EcoAlyn have an online store, Instagram & Amazon business we have photographed a wide range of images for them. A mix of high-key & white backgrounds, along with low-key darker images, featuring an array of scenes to target as many features and possible clients as possible.

If you are a fellow eco warrior or just trying to do your part, head over to the EcoAlyn site to see their wide range of eco-friendly products.

Credit to Szymon at Zurek Designs for the incredible branding across the range.

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Dolma is a UK based high end vegan & cruelty free brand which sells their own range of perfumes, aftershaves & candles!

Dolma approached us last year for some fresh images to create a new website & we have built a great working relationship with them since.

We went for a high-end perfection hero shot, featuring the entire range of fragrances photographed on a nice clean two-tone fading backdrop. Uniform lighting and grey coloured panels in the reflection of the lid made it pop! The lifestyle shots were a mix of scenes, lighting and props. These were photographed with multiple crops in mind, so they could be used for marketing, but also for web-banners.

If you are looking for product or business photography, get in touch

If you would like to see more Amazon work

If you would like to see more of our Product portfolio


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