It’s like rain on your wedding day 🎼

Every couple is concerned that the rain will ruin their day, especially in England with an outdoor ceremony! But let us be the ones to tell you not too stress about it.

Your portraits will still look beautiful, and the colours will pop. A little bit of rain is manageable and if it’s a stormy kind of day we will always find a nice dry place to capture your portraits!

Sometimes we just can’t predict rain, but when it happens, don’t let it put a damper on your mood! We have put together a couple things to remember if there is a chance it will rain on your wedding day:

1. It might be raining, but it doesn’t mean there’s no natural light. Truth be told, the light is the best on overcast days and the perfect lighting is the basis of a great photo.

2. Photos are our jam! We will be prepared for all kinds of conditions and will always have backup locations in mind. Rainy days give us a chance to get creative!

3. Bring an umbrella! If we know before hand or have a hint that it will be raining we come prepared with our own clear umbrella to keep you dry whilst getting a great photo! However if you have one that’s your favourite bring it with you!

4. Change into Wellies! It’s England, we love them & if you didn’t know already you can buy some pretty classy wellington boots for your wedding day. They offer some lovely Bridal style boots or go crazy with bold colours. It will look great in contrast to your dress.

Rain or shine, it is your wedding day & all that matters is you & your partner. Every problem has a solution and we will do our best to be prepared. If the unexpected happens, just laugh it off and make the most out of it! Promise your day will still be as memorable as ever!

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