Preparing for your wedding

If you contact me via email or by phone and inquire about having me take your wedding photos, not only are you going to have questions for me, but I'll have a few for you as well.

For the purpose of this blog, I've decided to recommend a few questions that brides should ask photographers, along with what I will ask you in return. Sound good?

Your Questions for Me:

· Do you offer the option of a second (or third) photographer?

o Yes. We do offer multiple photographer coverage.

· How do you treat social media?

o In every wedding contract, it states that I have the right to use the photographs from a wedding in any way I see fit. If you don't want your photos on my website, Facebook, or other platforms, please just let me know in advance and I'll make sure to keep your photos private.

· Can I see your portfolio?

o Of course! You can get a rough idea of the various styles and type of wedding photography I use.

· Any "What would you do if..." type questions.

o It never hurts to be prepared. I always have backup equipment. I can find an alternative location if it's suddenly raining and we were supposed to be outdoors for the formal family photos. Whatever the 'What if?', I can handle it. Just ask.

· What made you choose the photography business?

o I've always loved taking photos. I love documentary significant events and capturing everyones emotions on the day. I chose to turn my little hobby into a business because I felt that good quality photos should be accessible to everyone; no matter their price range. This is why I am reasonably priced. I love taking photos.

My Questions for You:

Tell me about you individually and as a couple

· How did you meet?

· What do you enjoy doing together?

· What makes you as a couple unique?

Tell me about your wedding

· Are there any specific details that you are really excited about?

· If you had to choose one photo to walk away from your wedding day with, what would it be?

· What is the most anticipated moment of your wedding day?

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