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What to do when your wedding is over.

As the year comes to an end most of our couples reflect on their special day. You had a fabulous wedding & now you are husband & wife! What next?

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On average couples spend over 300 hours planning their wedding (crazy right?). It becomes a large part of your life with all the planning & decisions that once its all over, you may get the post wedding blues.

Here is a little guide I have put together to help beat the post wedding blues

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Firstly, when your wedding is over there are still several wedding related jobs to be done - writing your thank you notes, changing your name & practicing your new signature!

Once you have done the formalities take the time to go through your photography collection. Invite your family & friends over for a viewing day. Who says you can't make an event out of it?!

Make sure you note down your favourites so you know which ones you want to frame! You can even make an album online for yourself or family members.

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Rediscover your social life!

Get yourself back on the social event calendar - now that the planning is over why not invite your friends over for dinner or head out to your favourite restaurant. Catch up on things you may have missed.

Is there a new skill you've been wanting to learn or a little home DIY you've been meaning to do but not had the time, now is the time! It will be great to accomplish & serves as a distraction for your post wedding blues.

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Maybe you would like some one on one time with your new husband (or wife) just relaxing! The most important thing to remember is how wonderful the entire experience was & to enjoy your new married life!

Do you have some more tips & tricks to help with the post wedding blues?

Let us know below!


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