Posed vs Unposed Photos

Majority of our Clients all say similar things

I hate having my picture taken. I don't look good in photos. What do I do, How do I stand or What face shall I make

My first response is always be yourself and don't worry too much about what you are doing, just have fun with it. If you like my style of photography then you probably prefer candid, natural photographs. Which is great, because that's what I prefer to shoot!

I will of course get images of group shots and you cutting the cake but I tend to stay away from Posed photos. The best photos I find are the ones people don't know I'm taking.

Everyone gets a little camera shy, some people completely freeze! When you don't know I'm there, I capture you as you are and those photos are the best!

In saying that if you like posed images or have seen some images you would like then of course I am willing to shoot them! I just won't force you to do anything you don't want to do.

I often ask my Clients just to walk and talk like they usually would. Make some jokes, reminisce of a special time or take a minute and enjoy your wedding day! It seems to ease people into the camera rather than telling them to stand in front and smile. A simple look into each others eyes and a smile is such a beautiful image. I do make small adjustments if needed however couples seem to get into the flow after a couple minutes in front of the camera.

As a Cheshire wedding photographer with years of experience I know how to make you feel relaxed and have some techniques to lighten the mood if needed. If you are extra nervous and uneasy about having your photos taken we can always do a pre-wedding shoot to ease you into it and prepare you for the big day. My aim is always to end with the unposed photo approach.

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