Definition: Extremely close-up photography, predominately of very small subjects in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.

Macrophotography is something I love doing, especially when it comes to flowers. They are all unique & intriguing. Macrophotography plays with depth of field highlighting a certain part of an object while letting the rest fade in the background, like the ladybird in the image above.

When capturing images of flowers you want the flower, petal or leaf to be in focus and the rest of its surroundings to be blurred out. The reason you do this is to maintain and highlight the detail or point you are focussing on.

Typically you use a camera to capture what you see as you see it, however, with specifically designed macro lenses you can capture finer details you might have missed.

When viewing these types of images your eyes are immediately drawn to the point in focus which the photographer has captured & wants you to see.

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