Updated: Apr 12, 2018

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of joining Jordan from Jordy's Pizza at the Macclesfield Treacle Market. On top of being an amazing father of two beautiful girls & a successful business owner, Jordan has found time guest write a blog for us.


These delicious shots from Will are from our regular monthly street market.

It was a particularly cold one and it's a bright, early start at the best of times. We got the equipment set up, bought coffees, pastries and bacon sandwiches from neighbouring traders to set ourselves up.

As it's a street market, we work with the oven on a stand (it's usually mounted on the back of our pick-up truck). Customers start ordering at 10:30am and it's non-stop until 3 in the afternoon.

There's a certain amount of theatre with this type of selling. It's canopy-to-canopy with direct competition, customers get to talk with the cook and watch how it's done at speed. Orders are constant and it's good, old school selling.

There's nothing new about "street food", people have been turning up to market to sell their goods since the beginning of civilisation. The only thing we do differently is take debit cards.

If you would like to enjoy the delicious taste of Jordy's wood fired pizza you can catch him at the Barrel & Tap Thursday & Friday nights from 6pm. You can also hire Jordy's pizza for private events & weddings.

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