A day North of Lake Garda, Italy

Last week we found ourselves at the absolutely stunning Lake Garda. Whilst preparing for one of the most beautiful, fairytale weddings you have ever seen; (in a castle, on a tiny island, in the middle of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world). We decided to take a day trip to the North of the lake and check out Borgo Di Canale.

I had decided to travel light to Italy, with "just 3 cameras". My Nikon work-horse, and some fun little 35mm film cameras to have a play with. Including this Olympus Trip 35mm, gifted to me from my Grandad. Which although old, is in some respects far more advanced than the best cameras today.

See the cool pattern around the lens? It's not just pretty, this little bad boy is solar powered! No need for batteries, take that expensive work camera.

Ever seen photographers staring at the back of their camera trying to check their exposure? Not on this little bad boy! Click, and continue on your way, don't waste your holiday staring at a screen, check the shots out when you're back! Much more exciting.

A "charming, medieval hamlet known for its rustic stone houses" according to Google Maps, and a photographers dream according to me! Lots of dark alleyways, bright openings, rustic charm textured walls and lots of foreground opportunities!

Located 600 meters above sea level on the hills overlooking the Trentino side of Lake Garda. The first document attesting its existence dates back to the year 1211. That's well old!

It has recently been included in the list of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, and it's no wonder: narrow paved alleys, porticoes, small squares, houses leaning against one to the other as in the ancient villages of the twelfth century.

We had a great day exploring all the little wonders that Borgo Di Canale has to offer. Definitely somewhere to visit if you ever find yourself around the beautiful Lake Garda!

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