How to prepare for your photo session

Before or after a shoot is booked I always get asked a question like what should we wear? Is this a good location? Are you sure you can handle my kids? I thought I would make a little blog about how to prepare for a shoot & my advice for clients.

A common question clients ask is what should I wear? The truth is wear what you feel comfortable in! If you don’t usually wear heels, don’t wear them. If your child wants to dress up like a superhero, let them. Being you is what makes the images beautiful. Wear what you feel comfortable in & something that shows your style because that will make you feel yourself.

Bright vibrant colours make the photos pop but be careful not to go too crazy otherwise it tends to get chaotic. If you prefer to wear plain clothes, put on a statement piece or bring an accessory to boost the look. I prefer to shoot natural candid images so steer clear of matching outfits & poses. Instead of matching family outfits just coordinate colours so you complement each other.

Choose a location you know & love. My preference for shoots is outside, I love natural light & being outdoors. If you have a place which is significant in your life or your relationship, that would be an ideal location for the shoot. If you are bringing young children or furbabies it’s best to go to a location they know otherwise distraction will kick in.

Remember kids will always be kids. I don’t like to force poses or make them wait around when it’s clear they just want to go play or sleep! For this reason, it’s best to schedule your shoot around their normal routine. Avoid nap & eating times & bring a toy to the shoot. If they run around or are happily playing with their toys that’s great! I prefer to capture those pure moments.

You can bring whatever you would like to the shoot or you can bring nothing at all. I will have all the gear I need so a smile will make the perfect picture. If you are bringing the entire family think about bringing a game or chose a location where everyone can get involved.

The most important thing is just to have fun! If you want to mess around or be affectionate do what you do. Nobody wants to receive images & cringe at how awkward they are, so be yourself.

Hopefully this has provided you with much needed information for your upcoming shoot. If you have any other questions, just ask me I will be happy to answer!

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