How I prepare for a photo session

The day before the shoot I organise my camera gear.

I always have a pile of essentials, things I may also use & gear to leave in the boot just incase there is a shot in mind on the day. I tend to always pack the day before to provide piece of mind, I always like to be prepared. I pop my batteries on charge & ensure I have fresh memory cards ready to go. I then clean all of my gear before packing it away in my trusty camera bag.

Once all my gear is ready I look up the location & plan the shoot. If it is somewhere I have never been I will always visit the location prior to the shoot. The reason I do this is to find the hot spots & locations where I know I could get a great picture. For example, where the light will be at the time of the shoot & if there is a beautiful bridge or tree that would be perfect for a shot.

The day of I always start my mornings with a coffee!

Oh how I love my coffee, not sure how I would function without it ha! Then I will load up on breakfast & check over my gear once more before getting on the way. Tunes are essential! Thank god for Spotify, I struggle to imagine life without it!

I always leave early, I hate to be late. I usually arrive at least 20 minutes prior to a shoot, if it is a wedding I will be there 30 minutes to an hour prior. Once I arrive I have a quick walk around to assess the location, introduce myself to any venue staff, and sync my gear. I always have my camera ready before the client arrives so it’s a smooth and professional process.

When the client arrives I will introduce myself & tell them to just be natural & have fun with it. During the shoot I do talk to the client to ensure they are comfortable & getting the shots they want. Don't be afraid to ask for a particular photo of your family or a certain group shot. At the end of the day I want you to be happy with the photographs you receive.

It's as "easy" as that! If only cleaning cameras and lenses was as quick and easy as it sounds! haha

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