A Grooms Guide To Getting Married

There are a few types of Grooms when it comes to planning a wedding & getting married. Some Grooms want to plan every step with his partner, others want a say in certain aspects like suits & music & then there are others who allow their partner to be in control of every element & offer minimal input. Whatever type of Groom you are I have created this blog as a guide for you to getting married! I offer some helpful tips to ensure a chill day without missing a beat!

Wedding planning

The planning process can be stressful for anyone! My advice is to help out where you can. Always communicate about what you both want out of the day & any elements you would love. Tag along to any open days your partner is going to & be aware of what the day will entail. Alternatively if you both hate planning, hire a wedding planner!


Boys will be boys right? That is all well & good but make sure your Groomsmen know the timings of your day. Tell them an earlier time, if they are notoriously late!

Getting Ready

The Groomsmen are always more chilled then the Bridesmaids! There is a stark difference between shooting the girls getting ready vs the boys however sometimes they are too chill & underestimate how long it takes to get suited! Start your day with plenty of time & allow extra for any unexpected situations.


Tux or suits make sure everyone has tried there's on & they fit like a glove! Have a dress rehearsal with all your Groomsmen to see how the particular suit fits everyone. Ensure they all purchase the same shirts and shoes to compliment the suit & look cohesive. A tip would be not to opt for black suits as these don't photograph well especially if you are after some Black & White shots.


A bit of forward planning can make a huge difference! There are various gifts you could buy for your loved ones.

We will start with the Groomsmen. Depending on the family or friends involved in your Bridal party will depend on the gift. Some of the gifts I have seen include the following; cufflinks, flask, socks or sunglasses. These can all be personalised if you would like. Sites like Etsy, Not on the high street or Amazon make gift giving very simple!

More importantly a gift for your partner! Just think how happy they are in the morning getting ready to marry you & then you surprise them with a beautiful thoughtful gift for them to cherish. For Brides you could purchase, necklace, earrings or a bracelet to wear on the day. You can always enlist the help of the maid of honour to help pick out the perfect gift to match! For Grooms an engraved watch or a tie with a personalised note embossed on the back.


Be prepared! I have been to many weddings & seen some amazing speeches! Some individuals are skilled to say a speech on the spot & to them I applaud! (I could never even think of doing that ha), My advice would be to have a speech written down. Add some humour alongside heart felt emotions & most importantly thank everyone for their effort & being there with you to celebrate. It might be hard to start but it is much worse standing in front of a crowd not knowing what to say.

Don't be afraid to be bold! Wether its with your suit or your speech.

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