Getting Ready - Makeup + Hair 💁‍♀️

Majority of brides are overwhelmed with the decision of a Hair & Make up artist,

What look do you want for you or your bridesmaid? Will it match? What works with the dresses? What will look good in pictures?

Well don't worry I am here to shed some light and tips on your hair and makeup for your big day from a photographers perspective.

There are so many amazing make up artists and hair dressers. My biggest tip which may seem like an obvious one but is sometimes overlooked.

Always have a trial!

Organise your hair and makeup to be done on the same day for a trial so you can see both looks together and both artists can see each others vision and make any minor changes before you big day. If you aren't happy, speak up now otherwise it will bring you down on your big day. If you aren't happy you can always try another artist until you find the one that you like.

Time the trial so that you know how much time to leave on the real day. If your hair and makeup run over time you are the one cutting into another aspect of your day. You can always inform both artists of their time frame and check if they believe that is suitable.

If you are thinking of changing your hair, make sure you do this at least one week prior to your day. This gives the hairdresser time to adjust any issues and for you to get use to your new look! If you are considering extensions on your day, get them put in and wear them for a day so you know what to expect. I have seen many brides make last minute changes on the day and then be panicked and uncomfortable throughout the day.

Now generally speaking individuals feel the need to wear loads of makeup so you can 'see it in the pictures' but this isn't the case. My best advice is to go for a look you are comfortable with and love on yourself. The photographer will know how to photograph you and what lighting set up to use.

The first photographs taken of you on your wedding day are getting ready photos. It is the key point of telling your story. If you have booked a wonderful wedding venue make sure your make up and hair artists can travel to your locations, this makes a massive difference in your images!

Most importantly make sure you love your look & are confident.

Confidence is key

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