Five simple steps to strengthen your Insta-Game

Instagram has hundreds of millions of users who are posting daily. Regardless of if you use Instagram for business or your personal life, here are 5 easy steps to strengthen your insta-game.

Theme your gram

Every successful Instagram has a set theme. Simple beauty, consistency & flow is essential when building your instagame. Just like creating a website or blog, you want your Instagram to look aesthetically pleasing. Ensure your theme reinforces your brand & colour themes throughout. If you are a beauty store & everything is very white, light & airy make sure your Instagram has the same vibe.

Interact with your followers

You don’t want to just gain followers, you want to keep them! The best way to do this is by interacting with your target market. Post regularly, be active, reply to user comments & interact with other posts you like. The best way to gain & maintain followers is organically although this will take time, in the end it is worth it.

Tag away

There are many elements of Instagram companies do not utilise & tagging is one of the big ones. Always start by tagging the location, followed by other companies or individuals involved in the photo. This includes, accessories, the model, the shop anything associated with the image you are sharing.

Instagram story

Use your Instagram story to reach new people & excite your followers. Instagram stories can be used to show literally anything. You can share a followers image of your product, let followers keep up with your day to day life or display a sneak peak of a new product you are working on. The possibilities are endless. Remember to have some music playing in the background & tag away!

Give people a reason to follow you

An easy mistake to make on Instagram is to constantly post content without having an aim. Do not blindly post just to have a post & hope you will gain followers. Show people why they should be following you. Post useful content or inspirational tips relating to your company. If you are looking for a quick boost in followers run a competition & have individuals follow you to be in the running.

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