Thinking about having a first look?

While having a “first look” certainly has its perks in respect to timeline, we respect the fact that many couples opt to save this special moment for the altar. First Looks have become increasingly popular for the pure fact that it allows couples to get some of their formal portraits done before the ceremony; therefore allowing them to mingle after the ceremony.

First looks are a way to document that special moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. It is a beautiful and private moment just for the two of you!

Reasons to Consider a First Look

You want that moment documented!

· The moment when you FIRST see your husband or wife is magical. While I strive the catch this shot during every ceremony, this is a foolproof way to make the most of this moment. 

· The ceremony is immediately followed by the reception.

· I require at least 1 hour for family portraits, bridal party portraits, and pictures of the married couple! Choosing to do a first look earlier in the day means that we can shoot most of these pictures before your ceremony and get them out of the way! Then you are free to enjoy your ceremony and go party. If we wait until after the ceremony to take these pictures, there must be time built into the timeline following the ceremony. Family portraits, bridal party portraits, and bride and groom portraits can often be taken during cocktail hour (meaning you and your crew will skip cocktail hour) or time must be padded in to the day so that you can attend cocktail hour. This will work in most cases, given there is still ample sunlight.

· It will be dark outside after your ceremony!

· I am primarily a natural light photographer. If you chose my work because you loved the bright and soft portraits, please know that I will need light from the sun to produce the same type of images for you! If you are getting married in the winter months, it can be too dark outside! A first look can ensure that we can take beautiful, timeless outdoor portraits!

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