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FAQ's for wedding photography coverage

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

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• How long do you stay at a typical wedding?

If you have booked a full day then I will be there from preparations till you're dancing the night away! I don't stick to a strict time limit unless you have requested specific times.

• Should I provide you a meal at the wedding reception?

This is entirely up to you. It's great that you thought to include me as part of the wedding meal, I appreciate it greatly but we don't expect this and I will always come prepared with my own food. If there are special celebrations happening when the meal is served, I would rather be capturing those moments for you!

• How many photos will I receive?

There is no exact answer I can provide for this question. It all depends on how many photographers you have and the duration of the day. Generally speaking a full day wedding with one photographer will receive approximately 400+ images. I do not limit the amount of images provided.

• How long until I receive my images?

I advise my Clients that it will take 6+ weeks before you will receive your full collection. I will send you a sneak with a couple images within the first 2 weeks after your special day however the full collection will not be ready until at least 6 weeks after. I like to take my time and go through every single image and edit them individually to ensure the perfect image every time.

• Do you provide wedding albums?

We provide an online digital album which is password protected. All images are in high resolution and can be downloaded by anyone who has been provided the password. We also supply a USB to the lovely couple. We do not offer Printed Albums as we have found couples prefer to create their own afterwards with their selection of images.

• Do you photograph weddings outside of Cheshire?

Yes I do! I cover all of the UK, Europe & Australia. If you are having a destination wedding, I love a new adventure and would be willing to capture your wedding. I do not charge travel expenses for weddings in the North West of England. For all wedding outside that area, I will include travel expenses in my quote so there are no hidden fees.

• We’ve heard horror stories about lost images, what is your process to avoid this?

The files are immediately backed up to two hard drives alongside an internet cloud service to ensure we do not lose your images. We also hold onto them up to 5 years after your day so if you happen to lose the USB or images we can always resend them to you.

If you have any questions that I have not addressed please feel free to contact me

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