Plenty of photographers avoid working with dogs however they are my favourite thing to shoot! I love shooting all breeds & personalities.

I am very calm in nature, and I think most dogs tend to feed off that energy. Which I think helps when taking photo's of them! Throughout my lifetime I have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of wonderful dogs, and never met a single one I didn't love, they're the best animals going!

I prefer to shoot dogs in an environment they know, whether it be their home or a regular walking route. Seeing them in their "own territory" helps them act naturally, and I try to use as fewer treats as possible! Otherwise they never leave you alone! haha

I'm often asked my opinion on "the best breed" or my personal favourite, in all honesty I've never been able to choose one. Having come from a "dog family" my childhood was lived with both giants and miniatures, Chihuahua's and Yorkshire terriers to Great Danes, and Rottweilers. Friends have had dogs in all sorts of shapes and sizes that I've spent countless hours walking and looking after over the years, and yet I still can't choose a favourite! I reckon it's unfair to choose a favourite! haha

In my photos I like to capture the soul & character of each dog. They are all so diverse & unique. I love them all!!

Get in touch if you would like keepsake images of your furbaby!

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