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COVID-19 Wedding update

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From July 4th small marriages and civil partnerships will be allowed to go ahead however there are various restrictions in place. If you are thinking of booking please ensure you have read the government guidance which can be found at the bottom of this blog. For our summary of important restrictions keep on reading!

All legal ceremonies are only to take place in a COVID-19 secure environment & are advised to be kept as short as possible. For some ceremonies certain aspects will not take place, the main focus will be any parts which are legally-binding.

The maximum number of guests you are allowed is 30. This includes all guests - the wedding couple, family, friends, witnesses, officiant, photographer and so on. If you have children at the ceremony it is advised that they be held by a parent of member of the household.

The 2m rule is to be followed or 1m with the additional safety measures implemented. All wedding venues will have tape or paint on the floor to help direct wedding guests and maintain a social distance.

Prior to the ceremony all members must wash their hands. The wedding couple and any one who comes in contact with the rings will need to wash their hands before and after the ring exchange.

Singing and playing of instruments will not be allowed, playlists are recommended. If singing or chanting is included within the ceremony there should be a screen in place.

At the moment any form of reception is not allowed to take place, you are also not allowed to serve any food or drink during your wedding ceremony.

To read the full COVID19 Government guidance on small marriages & civil partnerships please see below:

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