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Why I should be your Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Getting married in Cheshire? Who will be your Cheshire wedding photographer?

I understand choosing a wedding photographer is a hard decision so I thought I would let you know some main points for choosing me over other photographers :) .

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I like to capture photographs that are natural, clean & colourful

Wedding photographs are such an important aspect of the wedding day. The food will be consumed, the flowers will wilt but the photographs will hold timeless memories for decades to come. For this reason, I always ensure I capture every moment in the perfect light. I am all about natural, unposed, documentary style photography. I want to capture the natural reactions of you and your closest loved ones. I tend to avoid cringey poses and never make my Clients do anything they wouldn't usually do. If you like to kiss for a photo then go for i, but if not, it is totally up to you. I speak with my Clients before the big day to get to know the style they are after and what they would and wouldn't like in regards to their photographs.

I capture all the moments of your special day

Every package is completely tailored to suit the needs and wants of that couple. I offer a range of coverage and additional extras for you to choose from. Three months prior to the big day I send out a pre-wedding questionnaire which lets me know the timing for every event and any additional information. This allows me to create a schedule and always be in the right place at the right time.

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What you see is what you get

I take pride in all of my images. I always deliver my best work in any project that I do. All the images in my portfolio are mine, I have captured and edited them myself. When you receive your quote it entails everything in your package and has no hidden fees.

I am a wedding photographer, not a salesman or a lawyer. Included in every package is your collection of images in high resolution and post processed. I do not watermark my images for Clients as I believe this takes away from the story. The agreed upon price as stated in your contract is the price for that package and I will not hit you with an additional bill or push the sales of extra items after the wedding.

Please have a look at my portfolio or if you are considering booking with me

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