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Amazon Product Photography: UK

Epps Photography offer Amazon product photography across the UK. We have been specialising in Amazon FBA photography for over 3 years & understand the importance of great captivating images to stand out from the rest of the products in your category. We have photographed a range of products & understand the importance of adhering to Amazon guidelines. Each product is unique, due to that reason we offer a personalised package for each listing. Epps Photography offer the following styles of images:


These images are shot on a clear white background which showcases your product in its simplest form. It communicates to the customer the exact product you are selling.

Your HERO product image will always be a white background studio shot.


This shot generates excitement for customers purchasing your product. Having an image of your packaging also reinforces your brand image.

Please note you should only have a packaging shot if it is necessary to your product.


An infographic image uses text & graphic design elements alongside photography to highlight unique details of your product. This can include a range of information that you believe to be your unique selling points (USP's). The main aim is to show the customer why they should buy your product over another competitor. To do this you can mention the features, benefits or measurements of your product. As the customer might be seeing your product for the first time, it is helpful to provide them with an accurate measurement of the product. You can provide us with the details you would like showcased in the images or alternatively send us your listing information and we will highlight the main features.


Lifestyle images are an essential part of any listing, they help customer envisage their life with your product. They are typically editorial style with clean, crisp unbranded props which complement your product. Depending on your product, model hire may be an advantage to showcasing your product. Having a model shows customers how to use or wear the product & makes them more likely to buy, as they can see it in use. We work together with a local modelling agency to ensure you have the correct model for your target market. If you would like model please state your requirements: gender, age range, fitness level & attire.

Our process is very simple....

Epps Photography

If you are interested in working with us in regards to your Amazon product photography please get in touch. The more information you can provide to us the accurate the quote. If you have a brief, competitor listings or images you have seen that you like the style of, please include this in your email.

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If you are interested in product photography however not specifically to list on Amazon head over to our Product Photography page


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