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2021 Cheshire Wedding Trends

Without a doubt the 2021 wedding season will be impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak and we will see a change in trends from recent years. Overall weddings will be more intimate, sentimental & closer to home. Here is a little list of the top trends we think we will be seeing more of in 2021.

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Sustainable Weddings

There is no denying we are becoming more environmentally conscious as a society. The wedding industry is beginning to look at eco-friendly alternatives to tradition elements of weddings. We are going to see wedding stationary made from recycled paper, more DIY decorations, outdoor weddings, biodegradable confetti & even some ribbon wands.

For more information on how you can reduce your carbon footprint at your Cheshire wedding head over to our Sustainable Zero-Waste Ethical Weddings blog

Charity wedding favours

Charitable donations as wedding favours is gaining traction and we think it is a fantastic idea! It is a great way to show your support and donate to a cause thats close to your heart. Larger charities even offer place cards when you donate.

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Shopping local

Supporting local businesses & shopping locally has become an everyday occurrence. We have started to shift from shopping online & realising the positive impact of sourcing local products and supporting local businesses. More brides are going to local dressmakers, paper specialists and using organic local caters.

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Over the past 10 years the wedding industry has evolved with new traditions & embraced a new culture but it appears as though age old traditions are making a come back! With everyone being in lockdown over the past few months, we've all been missing our family & reflecting on what really matters. Smaller ceremonies & local churches are the way forward. We are also seeing more traditional wedding dresses making a comeback, specifically the Victorian dresses with high necklines, layers & lace.

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Veils are becoming less common these days but thats not to say there is no headwear. We are going to see headbands, crowns, flowers & plenty of ribbon. Simple hairstyles are in & with that we want a simple accessory rather than a long flowing Veil.

What trends will be you be considering for your Cheshire wedding?


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